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PC/PBT Application

PC/PBT is a modified alloy engineering plastic of polycarbonate and polyester, which belongs to blend modification, and is generally used in electrical casings, electrical accessories, electronics, tools and other fields. Generally, the formula is adjusted and customized according to the actual requirements of customers. PC/PBT has high surface hardness, high rigidity and toughness, high resistance to high temperature deformation, and high resistance to stress cracking; its The mechanical properties are in between.

PA6 Application

Application fields of reinforced nylon PA six.
The first automobile industry for automobile fans, automobile rearview mirrors, radiators, exhaust pipes and other accessories.
The second medical industry for wheelchairs, nursing beds, dental medical equipment and other accessories.
The third Lighting industry for lamp holders.
The fourth Furniture industry for mesh backs, headrests, seat shells, star bases, office swivel chairs and so on.
The fifth electric tool industry for electric tool housing.
The sixth motor electrical industry for motor brake gear.

AS Application

Glass fiber is added to AS plastic to make glass fiber reinforced AS plastic, which can increase the strength and thermal deformation resistance and reduce the thermal expansion coefficient. It is widely used in the fields of auto parts, air conditioners, electronics, sports and entertainment equipment. The representative application is shaft Manufacture of flow and cross-flow fans.

ABS Application

ABS Application

The main application of ABS is in the interior and exterior of automobiles: instrument panels, decorative pillars, front covers of instruments, grilles, interior and exterior trims. Business equipment casings and built-in components: notebook/desktop computers, copiers, printers, plotters, monitors. Communication industry : Mobile phone shells, accessories and smart cards (SIM cards). Electrical products: electronic product shells, electric meter covers and shells, household switches, plugs and sockets, cables and wire conduits. Household appliances: such as washing machines, hair dryers, microwave ovens, etc.

PBT Application

The PBT produced by our company is mainly used in automobiles, lighting, electronic appliances, industrial machinery and polymer alloys. Such as distributors in automobiles, car body parts, igniter coil skeletons, insulating covers, exhaust system components, motorcycle igniters, LED radiators, deflection coils for televisions in the electronic and electrical industries, picture tubes and potentiometers Bracket, audio output transformer frame, adapter frame, switch connector, electric fan, refrigerator, washing machine motor end cover, shaft sleeve, etc...


Common application of PC/ABS. The first car interior and exterior decoration, dashboard, decorative pillars, instrument bezel, grille. Secondary office equipment enclosures and built-in components, notebook/desktop computers, copiers, printers, plotters, monitors, and more. The third communication equipment, mobile phone case, router, smart card. Fourth, electronic products, housings, electric meter covers and housings, household switches, plugs and sockets, cable and wire conduits. Fifth household appliances, washing machines, hair dryers, microwave ovens and internal and external structural components.

PC Application

Our PC modified materials mainly include flame-retardant PC, reinforced PC, high-flow flame-retardant PC, toughened PC, and light-diffusing PC. The material has the characteristics of light weight, high transparency, good impact resistance, good dimensional stability, weather resistance, good electrical insulation properties, and easy processing and molding. Modified PC materials are widely used in Auto parts, lighting, OA products, electronic appliances and other fields.


PC/PET has good surface properties, improved hydrolytic stability, good weather resistance and color retention. Injection molding, blow molding, extrusion of profiles and sheets and thermoforming. Potential applications include power tool housings, energy shock absorbers, door handles, gas caps, equipment housings, sports and safety equipment, automotive parts such as car bumpers, various mechanical parts, medical equipment, sports equipment, and garden tools.

PP Application

PP plus glass fiber material can be used to make axial fans and cross-flow fans in refrigeration machines such as refrigerators and air conditioners. In addition, it can also be used to manufacture the inner barrel, pulsator, and pulley of high-speed washing machines to meet its high requirements for mechanical properties, and it can be used in places with high temperature resistance requirements such as rice cooker bases and handles, and electronic microwave ovens.


POM has been widely used in electronics, machinery, instruments, daily light industry, automobiles, building materials, agriculture and other fields. POM also shows a good growth trend in other new fields. It is widely used in the manufacture of various sliding and rotating mechanical parts, and made into various gears, levers, pulleys, and sprockets. It is especially suitable for bearings, hot water valves, and precision measurement. Valves, chain links and rollers of conveyors, flow meters, car interior and exterior handles, cranks and other window rotating machinery, oil pump bearing housings and impellers, gas switch valves, electronic switch parts, fastening bodies, terminal mirror covers, electric fan parts, Heating plates, instrument buttons; bearings for audio and video tapes; various pipes and agricultural sprinkler irrigation systems, valves, sprinklers, faucets, and bath tub parts; switch keyboards, buttons, audio and video tape reels; temperature control timers; power tools, garden finishing tool parts In addition, it can be used as surfboards, sailing boats and various sled parts, watch micro-gears, frame accessories for sports equipment and backpacks with various buckles, fasteners, lighter casings, zippers, buckles; Cardiac pacemaker; artificial heart valve, apical vertebra, prosthesis, etc.


PPA has good high temperature resistance characteristics. Mainly used in: automotive parts, including fuel, transmission and engine systems, which can reduce weight, reduce costs and provide long service life, chipsets and sockets, cup welding supports, chip capacitors, switches and micro-speakers, production High density printed circuit board connector.
Used in occasions with extremely high wear resistance requirements, such as non-lubricated bearings, seals, bearing spacers and reciprocating compressor parts;
Connectors, controllers, sensors, motors and other critical electronic components
With almost 20 years in the modified engineering plastics,Forever Plastics is a high-tech manufacture integrating R&D






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