Polypropylene PP Copolymer Resin/PP Homopolymer Particles for Injection And Film Use
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Polypropylene PP Copolymer Resin/PP Homopolymer Particles for Injection And Film Use

Dongguan Forever Co.,Ltd is the manufacture of the china origin cheap UV stablized PC polycarbonate Granules Polymer Resin
  • PP-GF60-02 AD3019-XH

  • Forever

Material code according to ISO 1043-1: PP Polypropylene with 60 weight percent fiber content, long glass fibers reinforced. The fibers are chemically coupled to the polypropylene matrix. The pellets are cylindrical and typically contain embedded fibers that are 10 mm long. CELSTRAN molded parts exhibit exceptional mechanical properties, including high strength and stiffness, along with excellent heat deflection. The presence of the fiber skeleton in the parts enhances notched impact strength at both high and low temperatures. The long fiber reinforcement effectively reduces creep deformation. The molded parts demonstrate very isotropic shrinkage, minimizing warpage. Injection molding allows for the production of complex parts with high reproducibility.


Form                                        Resin Pellets

Filler                                        60 % Long Glass Fiber


 Low Warpage                    Creep Resistance

 Low Temperature Impact   Chemically Coupled

 Good Hardness

 Good Dimensional

Physical                                                                                Nominal Value

Test Method

Density / Specific Gravity                                                     1.43 g/cm³

ISO 1183

Mechanical                                                                           Nominal Value

Test Method

Tensile Modulus                                                                   15000 MPa

ISO 527-2/1A

Tensile Stress, Break                                                             145 MPa

ISO 527-2/1A/5

Tensile Strain, Break                                                             1.5 %

ISO 527-2/1A/5

Flexural Modulus

ISO 178

23 °C                                                                                     16000 MPa

80 °C                                                                                     11000 MPa

Flexural Stress

ISO 178

23 °C                                                                                     240 MPa

80 °C                                                                                    136 MPa

C harpy Notched Impact Strength

ISO 179 1eA

-30 °C                                                                                   38 kJ/m²

23 °C                                                                                     33 kJ/m²

C harpy Unnotched Impact Strength

ISO 179 1eU

-30 °C                                                                                  70 kJ/m²

23 °C                                                                                     68 kJ/m²


Nominal Value

Test Method

Heat Deflection Temperature, Unannealed(1.8 MPa)

160 °C

ISO 75-2/A

Melting Point(10 °C/min)

168 °C

ISO 11357-3


Nominal Value

Drying Temperature<Injection>

90 - 100 °C

Drying Time<Injection>

4.0 hr

Suggested Max Moisture<Injection>

0.20 %

Rear Temperature<Injection>

220 - 230 °C

Middle Temperature<injection>

230 - 240 °C

Front Temperature<Injection>

240 - 250 °C

Nozzle Temperature<Injection>

240 - 250 °C

Processing Temp, Melt<Injection>

230 - 270 °C

Mold Temperature<Injection>

30 - 70 °C

Injection Rate<Injection>


Back Pressure<Injection>

< 3.00 MPa

Feeding Zone Temperature<Injection>

20 - 50 °C

Zone4 temperature<Injection>

240 - 250 °C

Hot Runner Temperature<Injection>

230 - 270 °C

With almost 20 years in the modified engineering plastics,Forever Plastics is a high-tech manufacture integrating R&D






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