PA66 Resin Price Pellets Plastic PA66 Granular Raw Material Manufacturer
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PA66 Resin Price Pellets Plastic PA66 Granular Raw Material Manufacturer

Dongguan Forever Co.,Ltd is the manufacture of the china origin cheap UV stablized PC polycarbonate Granules Polymer Resin
  • PA66-GF60-02 AD3002-XH

  • Forever

GF60-02 AD3002-XH is a PA66 heat stabilized material that contains 60% long glass fibers. The cylindrical pellets used in its production have embedded fibers that are 10mm long. This material offers exceptional mechanical properties, including high strength, stiffness, and heat resistance. The presence of the fiber skeleton in the molded parts increases the notched impact strength at both high and low temperatures. The long fiber reinforcement also greatly reduces creep. Additionally, the molded parts exhibit isotropic shrinkage, minimizing warpage. With the ability to be reproducibly manufactured using injection molding, GF60-02 AD3002-XH is a suitable substitute for die cast metal. It offers advantages such as weight reduction, no corrosion issues, and no need for post-treatment.


Form                                        Resin Pellets

Filler                                        60 % Long Glass Fiber

Feature                                    Creep Resistance              Good Thermal                  Good Hardness

Usage                                         Metal Replacement

Mechanical                                                                            Nominal Value                                     Test Method

Dry: Tensile Modulus                                                           21200 MPa                                             ISO 527-2/1A

Dry: Tensile Stress, Break                                                     255 MPa                                                 ISO 527-2/1A/5

Dry: Tensile Strain, Break                                                     1.5 %                                                       ISO 527-2/1A/5

Dry: Flexural Modulus(23 °C)                                               19000 MPa                                            ISO 178

Condition: Flexural Modulus(23 °C)                                    15000 MPa                                             ISO 178

Dry: Flexural Stress(23 °C)                                                    410 MPa                                                 ISO 178

Condition: Flexural Stress(23 °C)                                         330 MPa                                                 ISO 178

Dry: Charpy Notched Impact Strength(23 °C)                     53 kJ/m²                                                ISO 179 1eA


Nominal Value

Drying Temperature<Injection>

70 - 80 °C

Drying Time<Injection>

2.0 - 4.0 hr

Suggested Max Moisture<Injection>

0.15 %

Hopper Temperature<Injection>

70 - 80 °C

Rear Temperature<Injection>

275 - 285 °C

Middle Temperature<injection>

285 - 295 °C

Front Temperature<Injection>

295 - 305 °C

Processing Temp, Melt<Injection>

315 - 325 °C

Mold Temperature<Injection>

90 - 120 °C

Injection Rate<Injection>


Back Pressure<Injection>

< 3.00 MPa

Feeding Zone Temperature<Injection>

20 - 50 °C

Zone 4 Temperature<Injection>

305 - 315 °C

Die Temperature<Injection>

315 - 325 °C

Hot Runner Temperature<Injection>

300 - 315 °C

Screw Speed, 40mm diameter<Injection>

50 rpm

Screw Speed, 55mm diameter<Injection>

35 rpm

Screw Speed, 75mm diameter<Injection>

25 rpm

With almost 20 years in the modified engineering plastics,Forever Plastics is a high-tech manufacture integrating R&D






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