High Thermal Conductivity Electrically Insulating Polycarbonate PC Granule Resin
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High Thermal Conductivity Electrically Insulating Polycarbonate PC Granule Resin

Dongguan Forever Co.,Ltd is the manufacture of the China origin cheap UV stablized PC polycarbonate Granules Polymer Resin
  • 399 X 95997 B-XH

  • Forever

The specific heat capacity of 399 X 95997 B-XH Generally refers to the heat required when the temperature of plastic molded products rises by 1°C. Specific heat capacity is the same as thermal conductivity and is the reference data for studying the temperature rise of target products in product design.

The continuous operating temperature of 399 X 95997 B-XH reflects the heat resistance of plastic molded products. Generally divided into physical heat resistance and chemical heat resistance. The former refers to the performance of maintaining the shape of the product at a specified heating temperature; the latter represents the thermal stability of molecular bonds in plastic molding materials.


Form                                        Resin Pellets


Thermally Conductive

 Proprietary Filler

Feature                                    Anti-Static                        Electrically Conductive      Thermally Conductive

Physical                                                                                 Nominal Value                                       Test Method

Density / Specific Gravity                                                     1.41 g/cm³                                             ASTM D792

Linear Mold Shrinkage(Thickness; 3.17 mm)                      0.1 %                                                      ASTM D955

Mechanical                                                                            Nominal Value                                      Test Method

Tensile Strength, Break                                                        82.7 MPa                                                ASTM D638

Elongation at Break                                                              1.0 %                                                       ASTM D638

Tensile Modulus                                                                   1.59E+4 MPa                                         ASTM D638

Flexural Strength                                                                  131 MPa                                                 ASTM D790

Flexural Modulus                                                                  1.45E+4 MPa                                         ASTM D790

Izod Impact, Notched(Thickness; 3.17 mm)                       64.1 J/m                                                 ASTM D256

Izod Impact, Unnotched(Thickness; 3.17 mm;80x10x3 mm)

240 J/m                                                 ASTM D4812

Thermal                                                                                 Nominal Value                                      Test Method

Thermal conductivity through plane(through-plane)        1.30 W/m-K                                           ASTM E1530

Deflection Temperature(Pressure; 1.8 MPa)                       143 °C                                                    ASTM D648

Electrical                                                                                Nominal Value                                       Test Method

Volume Resistivity                                                                < = 1000 ohms ·cm                                  ASTM D257

Surface Resistivity per Square                                              < = 1e+05                                               ASTM D257

Processing                                                                                                                                           Nominal Value

Melt Temperature                                                                                                                                288 - 316 °C

Mold Temperature                                                                                                                               82.2 - 121 °C

Drying Temperature                                                                                                                            121 °C

Dry Time                                                                                                                                               4 hour

Moisture Content                                                                                                                               0.020 %

Dew Point                                                                                                                                          -28.9 °C

Injection Pressure                                                                                                                                 68.9 - 103 MPa

Product Description: High Thermal Conductivity Electrically Insulating Polycarbonate (PC) Granule Resin

Our High Thermal Conductivity Electrically Insulating Polycarbonate (PC) Granule Resin is a cutting-edge material designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industries. With its exceptional properties and benefits, our PC granules resin offers an excellent solution for applications that require both thermal conductivity and electrical insulation.


1. High Thermal Conductivity: Our PC granules resin exhibits excellent thermal conductivity, allowing for efficient heat dissipation. It helps to prevent heat buildup and ensures optimal performance even in demanding thermal environments.

2. Electrically Insulating Properties: The electrically insulating nature of our PC granules resin provides effective electrical insulation, protecting sensitive components and circuits from electrical conductivity issues. It ensures reliable and safe operation in electrical applications.

3. Superior Material Strength: Our PC granules resin offers excellent mechanical strength, making it highly resistant to impact, abrasion, and deformation. It provides durability and long-term reliability in various challenging conditions.


1. Enhanced Heat Management: The high thermal conductivity of our PC granules resin facilitates effective heat management, reducing the risk of overheating and extending the lifespan of components. It helps improve overall system performance and reliability.

2. Electrical Safety: The electrically insulating properties of our PC granules resin ensure electrical safety by preventing short circuits and electrical leakage. It is an ideal choice for applications where electrical insulation is critical.

3. Design Flexibility: With its excellent molding properties, our PC granules resin allows for intricate and precise molding of complex shapes. It offers design flexibility, enabling the creation of customized components for specific requirements.

4. Cost Efficiency: By providing both thermal conductivity and electrical insulation in a single material, our PC granules resin eliminates the need for additional components or layers. This results in cost savings during manufacturing and assembly processes.

5. Wide Range of Applications: Our PC granules resin finds applications in various industries, including electronics, automotive, aerospace, and more. It is suitable for heat sinks, LED lighting, power modules, electrical enclosures, and other thermal management and electrical insulation applications.

Choose our High Thermal Conductivity Electrically Insulating Polycarbonate (PC) Granule Resin to benefit from its outstanding features, superior performance, and versatile applications. Experience enhanced heat management, electrical safety, and design flexibility with this advanced resin solution.

With almost 20 years in the modified engineering plastics,Forever Plastics is a high-tech manufacture integrating R&D






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