High Resistance To Thermal And Oxidative Degradation POM Copolymer Granule
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High Resistance To Thermal And Oxidative Degradation POM Copolymer Granule

Dongguan Forever Co.,Ltd is the manufacture of the China origin cheap UV stablized PC polycarbonate Granules Polymer Resin
  • C 13021 XAP-XH

  • Forever

POM copolymer is an easy flowing injection molding material suitable for precision molded parts and thin-walled molded parts. It offers high rigidity, hardness, and toughness, with good chemical resistance to solvents, fuel, and strong alkalis. Additionally, it exhibits good hydrolysis resistance and high resistance to thermal and oxidative degradation. The emission level conforms to VDA 275 with a limit of 10 mg/kg. The monomers and additives used in the material are listed in EU-Regulation (EU) 10/2011, making it FDA compliant according to 21 CFR 177.2470. The burning rate ISO 3795 and FMVSS 302 is less than 75 mm/min for a thickness greater than 1 mm. This material finds applications in automotive engineering, precision engineering, electric and electronic industries, and domestic appliances.



 Resin Pellets

                                                Chemical Resistant          Fuel Resistant                    Excellent Processability

Feature                                   Good Hardness                High Impact                      Hydrolysis Resistance

                                                Solvent Resistant              Fda                                    Alkali Resistant


 Appliances    Automotive

 Engineering Parts  Engineered

 Thin-walled Parts


Physical                                                                                 Nominal Value                                       Test Method

Density / Specific Gravity                                                     1.41 g/cm³                                             ISO 1183

Melt Volume-Flow Rate, MVR(190 °C;2.16 kg)                   12 cm³/10 min                                        ISO 1133

Molding Shrinkage, Across Flow                                         1.8 %                                                      ISO 294-4

Molding Shrinkage, Flow                                                     2.0 %                                                      ISO 294-4

Water Absorption, Saturation(23 °C)                                  0.65 %                                                    ISO 62

Water Absorption, Equilibrium(50% RH;23 °C)                  0.20 %                                                    ISO 62

Ball Indentation Hardness(30s)                                           143 MPa                                                 ISO 2039-1


Nominal Value

Test Method

Tensile Modulus

2900 MPa

ISO 527-2/1A

Tensile Stress, Yield

65.0 MPa

ISO 527-2/1A/50

Tensile Strain, Yield

9.0 %

ISO 527-2/1A/50

Nominal Tensile Strain at Break

25 %

ISO 527-2/1A/50

Tensile creep modulus

1 hr

1.0e+3 hr

2500 MPa

1300 MPa

ISO 899-1

Flexural Modulus(23 °C)

2800 MPa

ISO 178

C harpy Notched Impact Strength

-30 °C

23 °C

6.0 kJ/m²

6.5 kJ/m²

ISO 179 1eA

C harpy Unnotched Impact Strength

-30 °C

23 °C

200 kJ/m²

200 kJ/m²

ISO 179 1eU


Nominal Value

Test Method

Heat Deflection Temperature, Unannealed(1.8 MPa)

106 °C

ISO 75-2/A

Vicat Softening Temperature

151 °C

ISO 306/B50

Melting Point(10 °C/min)

166 °C

ISO 11357-3

CLTE, Flow

1.1E-4 cm/cm/°C

ISO 11359-2

Flame Rating

1.5 mm

3 mm



UL 94

Specific Heat Capacity of Melt

2210 J/kg/°C

Melt Thermal Conductivity

0.16 W/m-K

Internal Method

With almost 20 years in the modified engineering plastics,Forever Plastics is a high-tech manufacture integrating R&D






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